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She was very close both to him and to David Bowie and is central to some of the rumors of an affair between the two men.

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Bebe Buell is a popular celebrity, but few people know that she has been naked in these leaked sex photos.

Bebe Buell: 'Band

She won an and a first place award for American Women in Radio and Television.

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She is not only a cultural icon but also a trailblazer.

Brittany Dane Nude Pictures Collection

She became a Playboy playmate of the month.

Playboy Magazine June 1978 vol.25, no.6

She is the mother of actress born 1977 , whose biological father is frontman.

Bebe Buell, Rock Star Arm Candy And Liv Tyler's Mom, Then And Now

Because the former couple's son has had health challenges, many considered Pratt's post insensitive.

Playboy Magazine June 1978 vol.25, no.6

Elvis said most of the songs on the album were already written before she came along, and I tend to believe him.

Playmate of the Month November 1974

Accessorising her bed-headed locks with silver lurex, indulgent furs and sizeable platforms, to this day Buell remains one of rock’s most memorable leading ladies.

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Bebe Buell had just come to New York from the South and had met a young man who owned a recording studio.

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I want to have my own career, my own identity.